Free Cinema Filmfestival Info: German

5 Faust Dimensions in 5 Stream of Consciousness Movies by Michel Montecrossa

The movie-artist Michel Montecrossa is presenting at the Free Cinema Filmfestival in Mirapuri 5 of his Faust inspired Stream of Consciousness Movies that are expressing 5 Faust Dimensions of the masculine Faust quest finding fulfilment in the greatness of feminine love. The 5 movies will be screened on Friday 15th June at 19:00, Saturday 16th June at 16:00 and on Sunday 17th June at 16:00.

Free Cinema Filmfest Poster 2018


Friday, 15th June 2018

19:00 The Ballad of Faust

19:10 Das Große Urbild – The Great Archetype

20:00 Reality Rocker 21, Part One: ‘New Day’

Saturday, 16th June 2018

16:00 The House Of Time, Part One: ‘Every Moment’

Sunday, 17th June 2018

12:00 Meditation at the Miravinci, the Meditation Center of Mirapuri with Michel Montecrossa’s New Year Music ’The Supreme Love Symphony’

16:00 Living The Experience