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5 Faust Dimensions
in 5 Stream of Consciousness Movies

The Ballad Of Faust

The Ballad Of Faust

Michel Montecrossa’s Poetic Song ‘The Ballad Of Faust’ was created for the ‘Faust Festival’ in Munich, Germany.
Michel Montecrossa in the music video for this song unifies his performance as great Singer-Songwriter with his genius as Painter and his skill as Movie-Artist. ‘The Ballad Of Faust’ thus is an impressive holistic Masterpiece of Art which endows the Faust theme with an intensively new atmosphere and creative meaning.

Michel Montecrossa about ‘The Ballad Of Faust’:
“The Poetic Song ‘The Ballad Of Faust’ was created for the ‘Faust Festival’ in Munich, Germany. It tells the Faust tale with a special emphasis on the meaning of Faust’s beloved girl for his life. In my ‘Ballad Of Faust’ and the paintings that go together with it her redeeming womanhood is the essential revelation that Faust in vain was looking for in his books. She is the warm heart of oceanic love-delight that liberates the mind and brings to an end his male confusion.”

Language: English, Color, 3:37 Min.

Das große Urbild – The great Archetype

Das große Urbild - The Great Archetype

‘The Great Archetype’, released by Filmaur Multimedia on DVD, is one of the most outstanding Faust inspired Free Cinema Movies by Cyberartist Michel Montecrossa.
‘The Great Archetype’ is the electrifying and poetic story of a man (symbolizing Faust) and the web of conflicting and fulfilling woman powers (personifying the female powers of Faust’s Girl).
The Faust Dimension of ‘The Great Archetype’ is the quest for identity, experience and clarity.
It is stepping behind the eyes of the woman, goin‘ beyond the body of the girl, touchin‘ the mystery ...

Language: German with English Subtitles, Color, ca. 38 Min.

Trailer: Reality Rocker 21 Part One: ‘New Day’

Reality Rocker 21, Part One: New Day

Reality Rocker 21, Part 1: ‘New Day’ is the opening movie of Michel Montecrossa’s Faust inspired Reality Rocker 21 musical series.
Reality Rocker (symbolizing Faust) is in search of his ladies Mirakali and Diana (both symbolizing Faust’s Girl), who have been caught by the Alien Dictator (symbolizing Mephisto)and are kept prisoners by his Bad Dreams. Reality Rocker first liberates Mirakali and then they together with the girls of the Reality Rocker Gang find Diana in the Tower of Loneliness, where the Bad Dreams hold her in deep sleep. Mirakali knows the answer ...

Language: English, Color, 60 Min.

Trailer: The House Of Time, Part One: ‘Every Moment’

The House Of Time, Part One: Every Moment

Michel Montecrossa’s futuristisches Courage & Love Climate Change Musical

The House Of Time: a visionary Faust inspired sci-fi CG action thriller moving between earth and unbelievable sky-city.
The House Of Time: a fullstream consciousness movie about the growth and victory of Cyberwarrior Michel and his avatar Mike (both symbolizing Faust) in a changing terrestrial and marsian world.
The futurist love-story of Cyberwarrior Michel, his soul- and dreamgirls Mystery, Hazel, and the mysterious Lady from the Sun (all three symbolizing Faust’s Girl).
Reality passion in cyberworld.
Virtual body and organic body love-making touching the secret of the timebody.
Good and evil transcended.
The story of Cyberwarrior Michel becoming champ & stream of consciousness musician. Together with his girls Mystery and Hazel and virtuality friends he is bringing courage and love power-music into the multidimensional, organic world of humanitarian, economical and ecological crisis.
Michel, Mystery and Hazel know how to freely move in time.
They know how to change everything.
The House Of Time: great music, thrilling action, emotion, passion and … the unexpected.
Find a new level of awareness – go to the House Of Time!
The House Of Time: a free consciousness-stream music-movie.

Language: English, Color, 101 Min.

Trailer: Living the Experience

Living The Experience

‘Living The Experience’ is Cyberrocker Michel Montecrossa’s fascinating 21st Century Faust and Faust’s Girl (played by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali) inspired Overground Musical.
It is the stunning Free Cinema expression of Non-Conformity, Creative Abundance and Joy.
‘Living The Experience’ is the musical story of the triumph of Love and Beauty over dehumanizing mass imprisonment in illusions and unconsciousness.

Language: English, French and German, Color, 116 Min.

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